We offer a variety of essential First Aid training courses for the workplace available for 6 – 12 members at any one time.

These are some of the courses we currently have available:


All of the above courses can be adapted to cover different types of working environments:

  • Playground Staff
  • Schools
  • Teachers
  • Parent
  • Sports
  • Nannies and Au Pairs

How to find our Training Centre

First Aid is important, as standing by and doing nothing after an accident at work could potentially
worsen the situation. Having a basic knowledge of first aid is essential to be able to deal with an
accident at work.

First Aid is the emergency care given immediately to an injured person. The training we provide you
with will help you minimise the injury and future disability.

First Aid training will provide you with the skills to be able to help someone who is injured or ill and
keep them safe until professional help arrives.

As a qualified First Aider your objectives will be to prevent illness or injury from becoming worse,
promote the injured persons recovery, protect the unconscious and preserve life.


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