The D+K Solutions Fire Safety Course created a comprehensive, hands-on practical fire training course designed for numerous types of organizations, especially for employees working in industry and commerce. This course is suitable for a minimum of 12 and maximum of 15 candidates.


D+K Solutions provides an in-house course that covers the basics of Fire Safety Awareness. It provides our students with knowledge of all the potential risks associated with workplace fires. The main goal of our fire safety course in Kent is to teach our students how to identify possible causes, take over precaution measures, and prevent a fire in their workplace.

Who should attend this course?

Under government legislation, all employees, regardless of the industry they work in, are required to undergo a fire safety training course. Some of these occupations include:

Health and Safety practitioners,

Risk Managers,

Fire Safety Managers,

Facilities Managers,


Individuals interested in getting a fire safety nationally recognized certification.


Our fire safety course should be given at 3 hours maximum.


We offer discounts for group bookings.


The D+K Solutions course in fire safety covers the following topics:

Basic Fire Safety

– Main Causes of workplace fires

– Understanding the components of fire (the fire triangle)

– Basics of fire spread

Principles of fire risk control

– Basic fire risk management in the workplace

– The individual’s responsibilities in relation to fire prevention

– The organization’s responsibilities in relation to fire prevention (means of escape, raising the alarm, fire-fighting equipment, training)

Action to take in the event of a fire

– How to respond in the event of a fire

– Safe use and limitations of fire-fighting equipment

– Human behavior in a fire

– Different roles if a fire occurs in the workplace

The failure to comply with government safety regulations leads to legal claims, fines, and prosecution. Our course goes into detail about fire safety precautions and fire evacuation procedures that can save lives. Wait no more! Give us a call and sign up for the D+K Solutions fire safety course in Kent.

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